Posting to Pinterest

How to post to Pinterest

Since a pin on Pinterest works a little different then most social media platforms, posting to Pinterest works a little bit different then most other platforms on Peacekeeper.

Peacekeeper supports setting the title, description and link for a pin. For all these fields, the caption field is used. To make use of these fields, you need to fill in the caption in a specific format:

1. Everything up until the first line break will be used as the title

2. Everything after that, will be used as the description.

3. The first link found here, will be used as the link for the pin. If there's no link found, the pin will not have a link attached.

For example:

This will be the title on Pinterest.

This will be the description. Everything after the first line break, will be posted as a description.

So this will also be posted as part of the description.

For the link, we use the first link found: https://test.test

will be posted to Pinterest like this: